Kicking off with a rhythmic acoustic guitar and hard-hitting kick drum, ZIAH embraces her signature soulful vocal tones, backed with an energetic confidence.

Malvika Padin, EARMILK


“Higher Love” stands as another testament to ZIAH’s ability to craft compelling pop anthems that resonate with listeners on a deeply emotional level. As she continues to carve her path in the music industry, ZIAH remains an artist to watch, offering a genuine glimpse into her life’s journey through her authentic and captivating music.

Chris Thompson, PureMzine


Los Angeles artist ZIAH writes songs that offer a genuine glimpse into her life’s journey and her intimate relationships, committed to raw authenticity in every note. Currently looking ahead to the release of her debut EP, ZIAH continues to explore her signature blend of timelessness and modern sensibilities.

Lucas Andrews, Music Crowns


Blending the feeling of timeless classics with the sensibilities of 21st-century pop music, ZIAH’s contemporary style’s next evolution is eagerly anticipated with the upcoming release of her debut EP.

Andy Loe, Vents