Within the harmonious blend of live instruments and ZIAH's distinctive vocal timbre lies a narrative deeply rooted in her experiences. Hailing from the East Coast and now calling Los Angeles home, each of ZIAH's tracks offers a genuine glimpse into her life's journey and intimate relationships. Her commitment to raw authenticity resonates in every note. 

In 2020, ZIAH graced audiences with her collaborative single, "Ocean Love." She soon unveiled her solo endeavors with "West Side Story" and swiftly followed with "Somebody Else But Not Me." More recently, she showcased her versatility by lending her voice to the pop/dance hit "Pray For This." Keeping her momentum, ZIAH released "Never Stay" and "Drive With You," blending pop with a touch of alternative flair. 

Her latest single, "Higher Love," exudes a classic feel complemented by spirited production and heartfelt melodies. As fans eagerly anticipate her official EP, ZIAH remains passionate and excited to share her evolving musical narrative.