Within the harmonious blend of live instruments and ZIAH's distinctive vocal timbre lies a narrative deeply rooted in her experiences. Hailing from the East Coast and now calling Los Angeles home, ZIAH is an artist and songwriter whose tracks offer a genuine glimpse into her life's journey and intimate relationships. Her commitment to raw authenticity resonates in every note.

In 2020, ZIAH captivated audiences with her collaborative single, "Ocean Love," igniting her musical journey. Her solo venture commenced with "West Side Story," an alternative pop gem, followed by "Somebody Else But Not Me," evoking the raw energy of timeless live performances. Showcasing her versatility, she featured her vocals on "Pray For This," a pop dance anthem. "Never Stay" unveiled a heartfelt ballad, while "Drive With You" infused her repertoire with an allure that radiates with energy and vibrancy.

ZIAH's latest single, "Higher Love," exudes a classic feel complimented by spirited production and heartfelt melodies. Opening with a rhythmic acoustic guitar and hard-hitting kick drum, ZIAH showcases her signature soulful vocal tones, backed by energetic confidence. Media outlets like EARMILK, PureMzine, Music Crowns, and Vents have praised her knack for creating pop anthems that connect with listeners and her unwavering dedication to raw authenticity. As EARMILK noted, “‘Higher Love’ stands as another testament to ZIAH’s ability to craft compelling pop anthems that resonate with listeners on a deeply emotional level.”

Currently looking ahead to the release of her debut EP, ZIAH continues to explore her signature blend of timelessness and modern sensibilities. As fans eagerly anticipate her official EP, ZIAH remains passionate and excited to share her evolving musical journey.